Tuesday, March 3, 2009

R.I.P: VARSITYSQUAD.BLOGSPOT.COM April 5 2008 - March 3 2009

"Pimpin aint dead it just moved to the website!" ONSOMEVS.COM COMING SOON...


**EH EHM!!!!*** 1 O-CLock, 2 Oclock, 3 Oclock Rock wit us for the eleventy-millionth time Ladies & Gentlemen... Yes! The Squad is back at it & this time we're celebrating the homegoing of www.varsitysquad.blogspot.com & the birthday of WWW.ONSOMEVS.COM. Special guests include... Shawn Kemp, Chris Brown, Kimmey Gibbler, Alf, Bill Nye, Lynn Tolliver, Ralph Pool & many more...
**VaRSitY SQuAd**

Monday, March 2, 2009

T-Pain ft Twank Star: "Everybody Else"

Im hella delayed in postin this joint but it goes hard nonetheless...

Dwele: "Workin On It"


Friday, February 27, 2009

Remember This?? (DOPE!)

I promise this joint brings back crazy memories of when I was convinced that I really was Michael Jackson. (So much for those days...) Fat Shouts to Remix's mom for reminding me of this joint.

John Legend: "Lay Your Head Down"

Eh... Is it just me or does this joint sound like "A Change Gone Come" smashed together with the "Wonder Years" theme song?

Cam'ron: "Get It In Ohio"

Killa is clearly back on his sh*t!